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Miles Leatherworks was formed as a direct result of my love of American history and of the western frontier. I first started doing leatherwork in the early 1980's when I got involved in buckskinning and shooting muzzle loading rifles. It was then that I started doing research on clothing and accoutrements of Native Americans, mountain men, fur trappers, frontiersmen, and cowboys.

I looked high and low for someone to build a set of buckskin clothing for me, but the search was futile. So I decided to do it myself. The rest, as they say, is history. I started building cowboy gun leather well before the current and fast growing sport of cowboy action shooting. We at Miles Leatherworks are firm believers that the better the ingredients, the better the final product. That is why we use only Hermann Oak leather, in my opinion the finest tooling leather on the planet.

From the first holster I built, the realization of the damage an unlined holster can do to the finish of a handgun prompted the search for a suitable lining material. After experimenting with a number of different leathers, I have decided to offer a doe tan kidskin as the standard lining. This kidskin is tough and durable, yet ultra soft. This lining will reduce the wear factor as much as 75% given a proper fit of gun to holster, and we think our fit is the best in the industry. We also offer buckskin lining as an option at an extra charge. Either way, it figures to be pretty cheap insurance considering the cost of a quality rebluing or renickeling job.

Click here to see our new Bighorn Elkskin Frock!The recipe that is used to achieve the unique finish on the leatherwork entailed in these pages is at least 150 years old. It is a mixture of oils and tallows and makes the leather unbelievably soft and pliable. The process can take up to 10 days to setup properly. Once the finish has run its course and the dark rich walnut color shows itself, we think you will agree it was worth all the time and effort.

Depending on weather conditions and other variables, the color on our leather can differ slightly. Therefore we encourage you to order what you want all at the same time. To help in this process we offer discounts on matching sets. To receive these discounts, you must order a cartridge belt and a holster at the same time on the same invoice, otherwise individual pricing will apply. Note: Over time you may experience some bleeding of the treatment we use on our leather into the holster lining, but this does not harm the lining or your pistol, in fact it is beneficial.

You will notice that every holster has a corresponding tooling number, except the ones that are not tooled. If you see a holster that you like, but do not care for the tooling, you may choose from any tooling pattern from another holster. We have included a tooling chart for your convenience (see Custom Features).

Our holsters are designed to fit Colt Single Action Army, Uberti, Cimarron, U.S. Pat. Firearms, other Colt clones, Ruger Vaquero and Vaquero Bisley.

We hope you will find something that you like among these pages. We guarantee your satisfaction and know you will be happy with our quality and craftsmanship.

K. C. Miles, Maker

Member S.A.S.S. #3177, Crow River Rangers #5



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